Automation package RADIO Studio Pro
    Player Pro
    Audio file playback with time-based playlist schedule software.
    AdsMan Pro
    Advertisement (commercials) schedule management software.
    Logger Pro
    Automatic audio recording and storage software.
    Checker Pro
    Audio and DTMF signal detector software.
    Base Pro
    Music file database software.
    Rotator Pro
    Music schedule management software.
About RADIO Studio Pro
RADIO Studio Pro - software package (software complex) can be used for radio broadcaster's automation process, also it can be used for advertising announcement management in trading halls, Sound-design, and for other purposes connected with programming and playing of a certain musical contents on time.
The package consists of several software parts, each can work as independent part and together with others. This allows to choose necessary software solutions depending on your requirements and allows to use separate parts on different computers as well.