Keep Your Air Conditioning Running by Avoiding These Mistakes

For more than 4.6 million Australians, the air conditioning units in their homes use more electricity than any other residential use. However, there are several steps you can take to reduce the load your air conditioning has on your power consumption and wallet. According to the air conditioning experts at here are some most common heating and cooling mistakes people make:

Placing the unit in a hot spot

It makes perfect sense, and it’s also convenient, to place the air conditioning unit in some unused corner of your house. However, placing it here also makes your unit work harder at keeping your home cool. Instead of doing this, consider placing the air conditioner in a shaded area where there is less chance of direct sunlight.

Hiding your equipment

Of course, some air conditioning machines are not much of a sight to look at, but neither is the high monthly electric bill. Hiding the air conditioner behind some plants or shrubs does more harm than good to its proper functioning. Material from the plants can easily impede ventilation and clog the condenser coils, making your unit run even less efficiently than an older unit.

Leaving the air conditioner on all through

Control how often and how long you turn on your air conditioner using a programmable thermostat, or even an individual unit timer. These technologies will go a long way in keeping your home cool and the air conditioner will run more efficiently.

A too big unit

Some homeowners feel that getting a bigger air conditioner than their requirements will make cooling the home faster. Unfortunately, bigger is not always better in all situations, and air conditioning is one of those. The oversized unit will be incapable of generating uniform temperatures or even reducing humidity.

Instead, your unit will cycle on and off more quickly, leading to expensive inefficient heating and cooling. On the other hand, a too small unit will not also properly cool off your home. To get the right size for your home, get in touch with the air conditioning professionals at

Ignoring the recommended maintenance schedule

Modern air conditioners can be deceptively self-sufficient. However, ignoring basic maintenance can affect the air conditioner’s efficiency, life, and comfort offered. Basic maintenance includes cleaning or replacing the filters since they work hard at filtering out pet hair and lots of dust.

In addition, make sure that you also regularly inspect the evaporator coil – at least annually. Clean the drain channels on a regular basis by running a stiff wire, and also check on the seals on your windows annually.

Running your ceiling fans backwards or not using them at all

One thing you should keep in mind is that your air conditioner is not a substitute for your ceiling fans. Both units should be working together. Ensure that your fan runs by pushing air downwards in a counter-clockwise motion.

Reversing the fan’s flow might seem more logical. However, a downward airflow creates a chill effect that helps cool you faster.

At the same time, exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen should push conditioned, cool air from your home. But they are not necessary for the hot months. Visit and find out what more you can do to control your ac running costs.

Post Author: Bobby Anderson